Image Hosted by COY: Special Selection.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Special Selection.

This is where COY began. Shirts made especially for close friends. COY wanted to create something new and different to everything else available. Time, Patience, and Concept where shown through each item. This was something which wasn't easy to reproduce as it wasn't cost, nor time effective. This was the reason for their creation.

The shirts took hours to complete. Each Wishbone appeared seperately in a random position. Threads were changed after each embroidery to a new colour.

Silver text was added to the back and was put there to give the wearer the best of luck. During construction the metal feather first came to light and found it's rightful place.

Though only three were originally made, positive comments and compliments were vast. COY hadn't experienced this before.
Not forgetting COY's roots, the 'Custom Made' selection has now begun. There will be a tiny amount available and each will be different. When they are gone, COY will only make for special requests. Unfortunately the costs will be high due to the time and effort put in to each one. Send COY your special request if you would like one.