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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Difficulties of Being Ethical

COY is ethical. Being ethical and eco-friendly has it's obvious benefits. It's very important to maintain this in order to develop. Standards have been laid out and guidelines must be followed. It's great to show people that there are other options and possibilities. However...all is not as easy as it may seem. Being ethical comes with responsibilities and unfortunately, many difficulties.
It is a modern approach in the way that we now 'have' to have a conscience about the damage to our planet.
It is a new way of thinking which most choose to ignore or may not be aware.
Being unaware or choosing to ignore means lack of understanding.
For COY, being ethical comes with a price. Organic T-shirts are expensive. Organic printing is expensive. And where exactly do you find many of these organic/eco-friendly products? Cotton thread, labels, electricity!
It takes a lot of research and care. When a product is unavailable COY will find other means. Recycling threads and re-using old ribbon for the neck labels. There is always a way.
And when each item is made, are people bothered about the work and thought which went in?
COY makes small profit. Profit is important for expansion. Expansion is important to spread awareness.
This isn't about greed. This is about choice. About new methods. About caring for yourself and the world around you.
COY has a conscience. Do you?
Sometimes COY will be quiet, but COY is still here.
And for now we stick to our plans.
The fashion industry is difficult to compete with on many levels.
Distributers and stockists will only pay the same for COY's shirts, as they would for any other 'average' t-shirt! (Poor Quality)
COY t-shirts cost up to 5 times more to produce. And then there's the personal touches.
Time taken to individually embroider each shirt and sew in each label. (Which has no branding!)
What chance does this give people to make a living in this way?
A way which is necessary to protect our future.
It sure is difficult being ethical!

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